Newsletter OPEN - No. 10 - 2014

 “All that glitters is not gold!” The school year has just begun in Romania. The graduates are thinking of a promising future. Some of them, who will complete their studies this year, want to continue studying. However, many youths have thought about leaving the country and finding an appropriate job abroad. But this is not so easy. Traffickers of human beings are looking out for their victims and we must talk about this in schools in any case.

This summer, more precisely in July, an awareness raising event for students took place in
Şinteu (Bihor county, Romania). The event was attended by more than 160 youths. The aim of the event was to inform students about human trafficking. The glitter jobs abroad may be misleading, in case the job seeker is not well informed.
Besides the staff members of Lampas Foundation, Mr. Gheorghe Ungur, the coordinator at regional centre Oradea within the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, was participating as an expert in the event. The participants got detailed, important and useful information about dangers related to working abroad. As an example, the subject of the discussion, presented by Mr. Ungur, was sexual exploitation. He has talked about the recruitment methods and techniques of the traffickers and presented those aspects which must be given special attention by job seekers.
At the end of the information session, Hungarian campaigning materials, that were printed in Oradea by Lampas Foundation, were distributed. The leaflets in English and German language are available from August. In my opinion, the materials are popular and we will organize awareness raising activities in the next months. Now, that the school year has just begun, we would like to implement awareness raising events on the following topics: human trafficking and its forms, sexual exploitation and labour exploitation.

I think these topics are important and they speak for themselves. These issues shall not be treated as taboo subjects! Obviously, meanwhile we will continue to carry out counselling activities. But we are offering not only counselling services, but also chaperonage of the young people abroad, these are our main tasks. We have a common goal: helping out our fellow human beings! And this is a magnanimous task!

Since August 2014, I have been working as a project manager at Lampas Foundation in Oradea. I feel very comfortable in this team. Me and my colleagues are collaborating and cooperating very well. In October, I will spend a week in Stuttgart in order to get to know the project better and to gain experience on a practical level.

Let us create a better future! Let us become people who contribute to the realisation of other people's dreams! With God's help we can succeed!

Tamás Gergely. Lámpás Foundation. Oradea, Romania.
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