The poor economic and social standards and the desire for a higher standard of living, the lack of job opportunities in Romania and attractive job offers abroad are the most important defining elements for those who are thinking about going abroad.

A survey conducted by the Romanian Institute of Evaluation and Strategy in October 2012, with a sample size of 1,289 individuals of 18 years and over, revealed that 51% of the respondents would like to live in Romania, the other respondents prefer Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other countries,  majority  European countries.  In 2012, 4 of 10 Romanians say they intend to work abroad. The younger the respondents are, the higher is the proportion of those who were thinking about a job abroad. About a quarter of those who say that have the intention to work in another country have thought to permanently leave the country. 86% of those who have worked abroad state it was a successful experience. One of four Romanians (25.3%) declares that they "had enough" of Romania, being more prevalent among young people. 

Even if can be a long way from "saying" to "doing", many of those who said they would go to another country, already have a plan in mind, knowing where, when, with whom and what they’ll do abroad, as we can read from another survey conducted for the Business Magazine by the 360insights, a market research company. It becomes clear that there is a need to raise awareness and provide information on mobility, empowering individuals to explore all available options and their consequences, helping them to establish realistic and positive prospects for themselves. So, individuals should be able to make informed individual decision about whether to migrate or not and under which conditions, having the necessary knowledge to check any offer they get and being informed about the conditions of transit and destination countries, the main rights and obligations of the Romanian employees on the EU labor market, as well as about living and working conditions in EU.
Through OPEN project Lampas Foundation is actively engaged in informing, counseling and mentoring young women in the process of migration and raising awareness of trafficking among general public, social organizations and mass-media. Lampas Foundation has developed and implemented the following activities: information sessions in schools to raise awareness about human trafficking; prevention campaigns and distribution of informational materials targeting young people; counselling, orienting and informing graduating students, employees, unemployed people about the proper working conditions, rights and responsibilities on the labour market, national and international legislation, legal ways of employment; mediation to counselling centres and other organizations that can offer further information and support; educational sessions in high schools and vocational schools about the risks of illegal work  and on how to avoid such risky situations; workshops with professionals for exchange of experience in the field of labour mobility with the purpose of identifying effective methods of reducing the vulnerability of risk groups.

The good experience of Lampas Foundation is an interdisciplinary networking with authorities and public institutions, as well as national and international non-governmental organizations and other civil society representatives competent in the prevention of human trafficking.

In cooperation with the National Agency Against Human Trafficking we organized educational session for caregivers and youths being in a foster home of the General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection from Bihor county. Youths without homes, who previously left the orphanages/foster homes are predisposed at exploitation and trafficking and they are in need of our information, counseling and assistance services.

We envisage to expand prevention activities by exploring hidden forms of exploitation and to expand the geographical area of the activities to the whole western region of the country. We plan to organize workshops and seminars targeting representatives of churches, NGOs, trade unions, institutions of education and various state institutions in order to increase their capacity to address the problem of trafficking.
We’ll involve youths in the creation, development and implementation process of prevention campaigns in schools in order to obtain efficient results. In this case, from beneficiaries, the youths become creators and implementing agents. Youths who participate in this kind of activities enjoy enhanced self-esteem and motivation, gain social skills, and they can work together with  adults as partners. There is an ancient proverb that says: Tell me… I forget, show me… I remember, involve me… I understand.

Ottilia Vura
Project coordinator and counselor, Lampas Foundation, Romania
Calea Clujului,  No. 63, RO-410053
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