Newsletter OPEN – No. 22 – 2017

The Romanian OPEN project team continuously develops its activities in behalf of its beneficiaries.

As the work of Lampas Foundation is recognized within the community, attending invitations to different events to speak about the importance of being informed when taking a job abroad, we decided to strengthen our team by hiring two counsellors: Ileana Puscas, a social worker with many years of experience in the social field and Magdolna Szabó, a young sociologist, who volunteered at Lampas Foundation, are part of our team from May, respectively July 2016.

We can say with great joy that the new counsellors, together with the other members, have achieved significant results in the OPEN project.

Ileana and Magdolna are enjoying working in an international team, benefiting from this unique learning experience and generating positive changes within the community we live in.

Our renewed team, together with our local partners, have developed various effective programs that aim to reduce the dangers of trafficking and labour exploitations.

In Romania, more and more people believe and experience the harshness of making a decent living, the feeling of helplessness when it comes to their future and therefore decide to sign up for training abroad or go earn their living in another country, without researching any information about the job, with minimal or no language skills, in this way becoming easy victims. The study "The profile of Romanians who left abroad", conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES), shows that in almost half of the Romanian families at least one person is living in a foreign country.

There are so many cases of people working abroad being deceived, exploited, enforced to work in terrible conditions or work against their will, being threaten, them or their family members, subjected to physical and/or emotional violence, being refused salary, forced into slave labour and manipulated by taking away their phones, their passports or any other identity papers, this way making it hard (or even impossible) for them to travel back to their families.

We are working on preventing these situations by informing people to be aware of these risks when considering working abroad. Our foundation welcomes anyone in need of more information, so together we can check the mediation agency who offered the job and the job itself, plus we offer information on how to assess the likelihood of dangerous situations and what they should definitely pay attention to.

We visit schools and debate with the students the dangers of human trafficking.

Another very important activity is to inform teachers, school psychologists, social workers and specialists from different fields of activity about these risks, so they are able to raise awareness among those with whom they work with and become multipliers in the community.

We engage in sharing useful information at job fairs, in schools, at different events in our community, as well as in our counselling office.

We share the same conception: that an informed person is a protected one!

The Team of Lampas Foundation, Oradea - Romania

Ottilia Vura – Overall project manager, regional coordinator RO and counsellor OPEN project
Tamás Gergely – OPEN project coordinator
Ileana Puscas & Magdolna Szabó - OPEN project counsellors

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